Michelson and Morley’s aether experiment 


130 years ago Michelson and Morley proved that the luminiferous aether does not exist. They set up a precise experiment that should confirm that light had an aether medium in which it propagated. To everyone’s great surprise the experiment failed repeatedly. Later this negative result has been confirmed to almost certainty by various extremely accurate experiments. This finding led physicists to develop theories under the assumption that there was no aether. Over the following years we saw the development of various theories in physics, relativity and quantum mechanics. All these theories worked very well without the need for an aether. Or so it seemed. The problem was, and still is, that physicists never found a theory that could fill the gap between relativity and quantum mechanics.


Our view is that Michelson and Morley only proved that a certain type of massless aether does not exist. Certainly there is no “aether drag”. The correct conclusion about discarding the type of aether they were testing for, was generalized to cover all types of aether. This happened 40 years before the uncertainty principle was discovered, while the understanding of the atomic world was largely lacking, and the subatomic world was hardly understood at all. No one can blame the physicists of that time for not seeing the dynamics of an aether below the domain of sub-atomic physics and the uncertainty principle. During this period came Einstein, and said that if there were any aether, it had little significance and no properties to worry about. The erroneous generalisation of the Michelson & Morley results and the great success of Einstein and others who all denounced the aether, served as an intimidating background that has kept physicists away from finding out what the aether really consists of. 





Forces by Proxy



Properties of the aether



Forces by Proxy


Michelson & Morley’s aether experiment


Properties of the aether






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